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Don’t We Deserve A Name?


Through a study of European art history, it is easy to see that this is a male-dominated historical narrative. The female images created under male gaze have plump figures and graceful postures. They have always been watched and discussed, which long been accepted and regarded as facts by the audience. These countless women in paintings are hidden behind the veil of history, yet few people have ever known or cared who they were or what stories lay behind them.

York Museum Trust has a large collection of women nudes and portraits. We selected the four most representative paintings as the focus of this exhibition to give these ‘unnamed’ women a voice, narrating the stories from their perspective. Through this exhibition, we aim to expose the misery that women have suffered in art overlooked by history and society, more importantly to reword the irreplaceable value of female images in the past and even future fields of art.




Do They Deserve A Name?

Leave Your Voice !

While some women have left their names in the long river of history and art, unnamed remains the fate of the majority of women. Perhaps you have already heard the stories of four women; here, discover more stories of women and leave your voices behind.

The problem posted for social art histories by women artists is their exceptionality, which not only requires sociological explication but also threatens to undermine the discourse that identifies artmaking with power.
——Whitney Chadwick


The story of ‘unnamed’ women in art is coming to an end. It is our pleasure to narrate their voices in this way. But in addition to the female images in paintings, there are also a large number of unrecognized female creators in art history, as well as female workers in various fields, who are constantly striving for their right to be valued. Feminism has gone through hardships and still has a long way to be achieved.

What kind of living condition will future women have? This is a question that requires everyone at present to think and work together.



Curated by Yunna Wu, Sinn Fok, Shiyue Lu, Xiaoyu Luo, Martha Newton, Sarah Cole

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